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Behavior Expectations

School-Wide Behavior Standards

  • Do not touch other students or their property for any reason.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Follow directions of all adults including the Yard Duty Supervisors.
  • Be in your class line after the bell rings and stand quietly.
  • Come prepared to class with supplies and be ready to learn.
  • Profanity, teasing, and name calling are not allowed.
  • Running and chasing students on the blacktop not allowed.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed.
  • Littering is not appropriate behavior.
  • All school rules apply during the instructional day including the child’s way to and from school.


Playground Rules

Students are expected to follow playground rules to ensure their safety.

General Rules

  • Stay inside the red lines at recess.
  • Keep lines straight when walking with your class and do not cut in line.
  • Throwing grass, rocks, and/or sand is not allowed.
  • Do not push, wrestle, trip, roughhouse, fight or play fight.
  • Running is ONLY ALLOWED on the grass, not on the blacktop.
  • Do not play in the bathrooms.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Stealing is not permitted.


  • Swing sitting down, one at a time.
  • No jumping off of the swings.
  • Do not walk in front of or between the swings.
  • Swing forward, not sideways.
  • Do not climb on the swing poles.
  • Do not push others on the swings.
  • A student may swing 25 times before getting off the swing.

Jungle Gym

  • Do not play games on or around the jungle gym.
  • Do not run around the jungle gym area.

Parallel Bars

  • One student at a time may cross the parallel bars.
  • Do not stand on the bars.
  • Move across the bars in the same direction.


  • Only one student at a time on the slide.
  • Only one student may be on each rung of the ladder at a time.
  • Slide in the sitting position only.
  • Do not block another student on the slide.
  • No walking up the slide.


Student Possessions

Please put your child(ren)’s name on clothing and lunch boxes.  THE ONLY TIME STUDENTS CAN BRING TOYS, GAMES, BALLS OR OTHER ITEMS TO SCHOOL IS WHEN THE TEACHER INSTRUCTS THEM TO DO SO.  Tape recorders, radios, CD players, iPods, cellular phone or headphones are not allowed at school.


Consequences for Unacceptable Behavior

Consequences are related to the severity and frequency of the offenses:  Warning/reminder of the rule, time out, loss of recess, exclusion from an activity, phone call to parent, campus clean up duty, referral to the administrator, behavior contract, assignment to another classroom, escort to or from school, modified school day, systematic exclusion, and suspension from school.


Severe Misconduct/Zero Tolerance

The following acts will result in an immediate referral to the principal and other proper authorities:  Continued misbehavior or serious misbehavior, fighting, play fighting or threatening to cause injury, defying authority, committing an obscene act, engaging in habitual profanity, sexually harassing another person, possessing and/or using a dangerous object or substance.  There is Zero Tolerance for weapons, items that look like weapons, and drugs or alcohol.