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Emergency and Health Services

Parents will be notified immediately of any emergency involving their children.  Our school has a full-time trained health assistant on duty and a part-time registered nurse to administer first aid if necessary.  IT IS VITAL THAT UP-TO-DATE EMERGENCY CARDS ARE ON FILE IN THE OFFICE IN THE EVENT YOUR CHILD BECOMES ILL OR INJURED.

Immunizations must be kept up-to-date for students to remain in school.  Hearing and vision screening occurs with the help of the school nurse.

Children who need help with glasses, medications and other physical problems are assisted in the nurse’s office.  Families in need of food, clothing, or health insurance may contact the office for support from the nurses of the Evergreen School District.

Student Medication Request

In general, medication should be given at home.  If your child’s condition requires that medication be taken during school hours, the following steps must be taken:

All medications required to be taken at school must have a school medication from (D-189) signed by the physician and parent (including over-the-counter medications).  Forms are available in the school office.

All medications must be sent to school in a prescription bottle or the original labeled container.  NO MEDICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED IN AN UNLABELED/HAND LABELED CONTAINER.

All medication must be brought in by the parent and kept in the office where it will be administered.

The child must assume the responsibility for reporting to the office at the specified time for the medication.