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Dress Code

Expectations for Student Dress

Students are expected to dress appropriately and to be properly groomed for the school day.  The type and style of clothing is individual and personal.  The school shall be concerned only when a student’s attire is extreme and could cause distractions or is unsafe.  Shoes must be worn at all times for safety reasons.  Shoes with roller-wheels (Heelies) are NOT ALLOWED.

Examples of inappropriate clothing may include:

  • Garments where the torso is exposed, such as tube tops, tank tops, half shirts, and halter tops.
  • Clothing that has obscene words or pictures, sexually suggestive language or pictures, drug or alcohol statements or pictures.
  • Hats and caps can be worn outside.  They may not be worn inside the classroom, Media Center, or
  • Multi-Purpose Room.
  • Gang-related clothing.
  • Recreational clothing such as bathing suits, gym shorts, or cut-offs.
  • Flip-flops and all sandals without heel straps.

Since fashion trends change quickly, the principal reserves the right to deem certain articles of clothing inappropriate even if not outlined in the student agenda.